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Extra Heavy

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Belt Types

Features and Benefits
  • Long Life
  • Endless
  • Smooth Surface
  • Accurate Dimensions
  • Transverse Rigidity
  • Fast Clean-up and Return to Service
  • High Tensile Strength
  • High Coefficient of Friction
  • Stable
  • Non Marking
  • Non Toxic
  • Guaranteed

Three Constructions to Suit your Needs

Light Construction
(LC-3/32” thick)
Heavy Construction
(HC-1/4” thick)
Extra Heavy Construction
(XHC-3/8” thick)
Can handle one to twelve plies of paper depending on paperweight. Can be supplied from 36” to 145” ENDLESS. Mandrel sizes from ¼” diameter to 4” diameter preferably. Can be supplied to widths, preferably starting from 2” wide and up. Can handle from 2-3 plies up to 6-8 plies of paper depending on paperweight. Can be supplied from 56” up to 167” ENDLESS. Mandrel sizes from 3” diameter preferably and up. Can be supplied in widths 2” and up. Can handle 2-3 plies of paper minimum and up to 8-10 plies of paper depending on paper thickness and weight. Will be very good where liners of various materials are first spiraled around mandrels and then plies of paper stock used to finish the tube. Can be supplied, preferably from 84” up to 167” ENDLESS. Mandrel sizes from 4” diameter and up.

Today’s Technology Coupled with 50 Years Experience

Commercial Electric Products Corporation has over 50 years experience in producing Tubewinder belts. We utilize the latest technology in compounding rubber stock and producing high tensile cords. This technology combined with our experience in designing, producing and testing, assures you of a quality belt designed specifically for tube winding.

Our newest brand – “SUPERLATIVE” Tubewinder belts are designed, developed and “test proven” for operating around pulleys and mandrels in the production of paper tubing. (They are not a compromise adapted from power transmission or high speed grinder belts.) Superlative belts are ENDLESS, SMOOTH SURFACE, ACCURATE LENGTH and WIDTH made to wrap very tightly around mandrels to produce high quality paper tubes.

The heart of superlative belts is an endless high tensile cord section. The cover is a specifically compounded rubber stock with high coefficient of friction throughout its thickness. It pulls uniformly from brand new until it’s worn down to cord center, but that’s not all, you can use both sides for maximum life and service! The cover is NON MARKING and NON TOXIC and has excellent resistance to the absorption of water soluble glue. In addition, it will handle all grades of paper from the softest to the highest quality Gloss Kraft type.

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